Reserved for Mom | Cookie and Bees

Reserved for Mom | Cookie and Bees

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1  Floral Green small bag

2 Snowy small bags

3 Sweater Bear Small bags

This bag is ideal for 1 skein projects such as hats, socks, mitts, gloves, amigurumi, get the point!

Think outside the bag: it is also just the right size for a travel and/or cosmetic bag.

Approximately 10" wide, 5" deep, and 6" tall.

Listing is for bag only.

Will my yarn get stuck on the zipper?  It shouldn't!  A small toothed plastic zipper is used to prevent snagging and other undesirable and disastrous events from happening.

Every Cookie and Bees item is professionally handmade with the greatest care and thoroughly inspected during quality control.  All products are lined and have finished seams.  No pinking and no raw edges!  We take great pride in our work.

Bag Care: Spot treat with with a gentle detergent and allow to air dry.  Press with warm iron.  You can pre-treat your bag with a fabric protectant spray, if desired.

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