Here is what our customers have to say:

"Your newsletter is spot on and covers so much. Nice to check out new things, places and so much more. It is not only informative but makes you want to get the next one - soon! Always looking for new patterns and yarn sources, though Hypnotic remains my go-to.  As to your accessories, I just can't say enough. Like most of us, I have several project bags and I can honestly say that none of them (except the ones you do for Hypnotic) can measure up quality-wise to yours. The patterns are amazing and your base will have to decide which unique patterns to choose because one is more unique than the other. Because they are affordably priced, who wouldn't want a project bag AND a cake coozie."

-Connie      November 2019


"My name is Donna and in my September yarnable box I received your yarn cozy.   I love it,  it has become my favorite and will be buying more soon.   I have other yarn cozies all though nice I really like your style better."

-Donna      November 2019


"These (Cake Coozies) are a game changer! I so love mine. No more dropping the yarn only to have it roll across the floor and tangle. I also love that the yarn stays clean and tidy while I work on a project. The fun designs add joy to your project bag. Love love love! I add enough of my hair when I knit (lol) these save you from the extra stuff that your yarn attracts. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these. All you have to do is try 1 and you will be hooked. Very well made."

-Patty December 2019

"I bought the Rasberry Jam Medium Product Bag a few months ago, and I'm in love! It makes traveling with my work so much easier... even just moving from room to room in my house while following the sunbeams. The bag is really well made, easy to clean, and the perfect size. It even fits my ruler! Thanks for such a great bag!"

-Kelly  April 2020

"I am in love with my cake coozies! I’m trying to figure out how I knitted so long without them."
-Same June 2020