Leis & Lū'au Tropical Bag Kit | Cookie and Bees

Leis & Lū'au Tropical Bag Kit | Cookie and Bees

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       Each kit includes:

      • Cake Coozie

      • 50g skein of yarn from Pan Fran Knit Co

      • Tropical Stitch Marker from SilveradoPost

      • 2 gift tags

    • Not Sure what a Cake Coozie™ is?

      There are TWO ways to use: caked or uncaked
      Caked:  Hand designed to perfectly fit a 100 gram wound cake of yarn.  The Cake Coozie™ will stop yarn barf while pulling from the outside or from the middle and keeps your yarn safe when working on a project or tucked away in a bag.  What this video to see how it works.

      Uncaked: Simply pop your skein end down into the coozie and pull from the middle.  Check out this video!


      Every Cookie and Bees item is professionally handmade with the greatest care and thoroughly inspected during quality control.  All products are lined and have finished seams.  No pinking and no raw edges!  We take great pride in our work.

      Bag Care: Spot treat with with a gentle detergent and allow to air dry.  Press with warm iron.  You can pre-treat your bag with a fabric protectant spray, if desired.


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